Joining eduroam

Getting involved in eduroam

In order to get your institution connected to eduroam you need to agree with our policy and make your LAN 802.1X enabled. Follow the steps below to join
1. Build your infrastructure 802.11 and broadcast ” eduroam” SSID on your home campus;
2. You need a RADIUS server to provide authentication services 802.1X. Popular choices are:
3. Choose an authentication type: To encrypt your user name and password, your home institution may choose either the open standard    EAP/TTLS or Microsofts' solution EAP/PEAP or you can use the EAP/TLS with certificate.
4. Contact team. If your institution would like to join the eduroam service, use the peering request form and complete the necessary requirements. The team will verify the identity of your request and will provide you with a shared secret and a test account.
5. Test the connectivity with the help of the team;
6. Finally, sign the  policy.

Become member

Complete the simple registration form, to become an Eduroam member and be able to connect to Eduroam wireless free network world wild.

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